Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Beach Pail Wedding Cake

This wedding just makes me smile, and want to cherish the remaining long days of summer with a delicious, dripping s’more fireside on the beach. Erica and Joe’s vintage camping theme was executed to absolute perfection, this wedding is just oozing with incredible details and charm – and that cake, no words. The re-purposed “ring pillows” might just be our favorite though. Each individual styled vignette with its throw-back camping equipment and custom signs, are so thoughtfully pieced together.
Enjoy sifting through the gorgeousness, this is definitely a steal-worthy one!
Post image for Dana Point Wedding {Erica + Joe}

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  1. I found the original cake!!! Yay! Someone had posted it on g+ without a credit to the source! So glad I can link back to you! Love it! ♡ ♡